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Supply Chain Solutions Across All Industries

Where Transparency Meets Quality

The combination of NewPower’s experience, global footprint, and financial backing enables us to identify and execute supply chain solutions across all industries, all powered by our proprietary trading platform EMPOWER™, which provides us with access to billions of parts and the ability to provide real-time quotes 24×7.

Aerospace / Defense

Every Mission is Critical

Automotive / Transportation

Fueling Your Supply Chain

Communications / Networking

Making Global Communication Possible

Cloud / HPC

Powering High-Speed Computing

From healthcare and life sciences to research labs, financial technology, and more -- people everywhere rely on cloud-based HPC. EMPOWER™ - our proprietary electronic component distribution software helps source quality products that power complex data processing solutions.

Consumer / IoT

Technology for Everyday Life

Energy / Metering

Real-Time Energy Data Measurement

Enterprise / Servers

Maximizing Reliability & Uptime


Strengthen Your Supply Chain Game

From high-quality, 3D graphics to virtual and augmented reality, gaming enthusiasts leverage the innovative technology for fun and to enhance business operations in various ways. NewPower can help with shortages and cost savings to keep your supply chain game strong.


Keeping Production Lines Moving

Lighting / Displays

Let Your Product Shine

Delivering the highest quality resolution is essential when designing everything from televisions and billboards to retail, automotive, and healthcare displays. Let us help source the specific products you need to build a visual display that shines.


Building Better Health

When dealing with the lives and health of people, the precision and proper functionality of each component is non-negotiable. Every product we receive undergoes a stringent screening and inspection process, ensuring product authenticity and functionality.


Reaching Higher Resolutions

From commercial graphics and publications to packaging, 3D printing, and beyond, you need a distribution partner dedicated to finding and shipping the highest quality print components so you can produce stunning materials that stand out from the crowd every time.

Phones / Mobile

Empowering Global Connectivity

Repair / Service

Lengthening Equipment Shelf Life


Empowering Digital Point-of-Sales

With today’s retail market being primarily mobile, cashless, and even contactless, advanced, mobile, and secure point-of-sale technology is essential to create a seamless consumer purchasing experience. We know where the parts you need are before you know you need them.

Robotics / AI

Freedom Through Automation


Meeting Growing Storage Demands

With storage demands increasing exponentially, meeting capacity needs is no easy task. NewPower has the financial strength to help you procure the high-volume product you need and quickly close transactions -- so you can navigate short supply with ease.

Testing / Lab Equipment

Precision You Can Count On

Workstation / Laptop

Taking Computing to Greater Heights

Today’s complex computing needs have made expectations soar when it comes to workstation and laptop performance. As a leading global independent distributor of electronic components, NewPower is here to help you in your mission to exceed industry standards.


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