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Reliable Access to the Components You Need

Enhancing Productivity and Lengthening Equipment Shelf Life with Consistent, Reliable Access to the Components You Need.

The many spare parts, unique components and other materials required to keep equipment maintained and operating efficiently are vital to keeping a business running smoothly. Without these essential parts, a business may not be able to keep up with consumer demands. As a leading global independent distributor of electronic components and finished goods, NewPower understands your need for consistency and reliability, and we’re here to deliver.

NewPower Worldwide

From components used for standard equipment maintenance to complex repairs and equipment replacement, NewPower knows where the parts are before you know you need them. As a trusted leader in servicing the production and repair needs of the world’s OEMs and EMS providers, we are powered by our premier proprietary electronic component distribution software, which allows us to provide unmatched efficiency and security with every order fulfilled.


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