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Components To Power Remote, Real-Time Energy Data Measurement

Helping You Keep Pace With an Evolving Industry with Rugged Solutions for Reliable Energy Data Measurement.

With smart metering quickly taking the place of manual energy consumption data collection, energy measurement technology is advancing at an increasingly fast pace. Access to rugged and reliable energy metering components has become critical in order to enable cities, service providers, landlords, and other building managers to automatically measure and monitor the use of electricity, gas, water, and heating in real-time. 

NewPower Worldwide

NewPower will help you find all the components you need to keep building better and better technology — technology that allows your customers to minimize waste and lower costs associated with energy consumption. Our global team works 24/7 to find the products you need in the most efficient and timely manner, so you can continue to provide reliable solutions for your energy customers, without a costly break in the supply chain.


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