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Enterprise / Servers

Component Solutions to Enable Secure and Stable Connections

Helping You Meet Growing Demands for Storage and Security Solutions While Maintaining Reliability and Maximizing Uptime. 

With an ever-changing and growing demand for storage and security solutions, building servers that deliver minimal downtime are becoming more than just preferable; they are essential to businesses that store and share information across a network. By leveraging NewPower’s decades of expertise in sourcing, procurement, and redistribution of components, your customers can rely on you to ensure their servers stay connected and secure at all times. 

NewPower Worldwide

When it comes to delivering components that will ensure the highest levels of security and reliability, NewPower understands how important it is that each component is validated and properly inspected. We utilize a stringent, documented screening and inspection process to ensure product quality — a process that makes us a global leader in preventing counterfeits. Partner with us and put the expertise of NewPower Worldwide to work for you.


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