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Solutions To Meet the IoT Demands of Today’s Consumers

Predicting Everyday Challenges and Disruptions To Enable You To Pivot to Meet IoT Demands Before They Change.

With today’s consumers more connected while on the go than ever before, the demand for smart applications is increasing at an exponential rate. NewPower knows how important it is to have fast access to reliable components to allow your business to keep delivering the latest in IoT technology. You can trust us to consistently ship products where you need them, on time, in the most economical manner. 

Without the necessary components to power personal, home, and other smart devices, a business can’t possibly keep up with rapidly changing consumer electronic needs. Empowered by our premier proprietary electronic component distribution software, we are focused on delivering unmatched efficiency and security. NewPower wants to be your trusted partner for all your IoT component solutions.

NewPower Worldwide
Solutions for the Consumer/IoT Industry
  • Smartphones
  • Wearables
  • Smart Home Appliances
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Home Entertainment
  • Fitness Equipment


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