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Company News and Insights

Industry News
January 25, 2024

Why Do Supply Chains Fail?

Electronics Sourcing, January 2024 – NewPower explores some of the key reasons supply chains can fail, from external factors beyond a manufacturer’s control to internal mistakes.

Industry News
January 3, 2024

Supply Chain Connect | 2024 Distribution Outlook

Distributors get back to business. After (mostly) untangling the supply chain, industry leaders look to artificial intelligence and strategy to lead the way forward. The following are excerpts taken from interviews with the experts at NewPower Worldwide for Supply Chain Connect’s 2024 Distribution Outlook.

Industry News
December 12, 2023

Executive Forecasts 2024: Optimizing Supply Chain Networks

In the latest issue of Electronics Sourcing, NewPower’s CEO, Carleton Dufoe, advises building agility, resilience and redundancy.

Industry News
August 3, 2023

Lean Manufacturing and Strategic Partnerships

Electronics Sourcing, August 2023 – NewPower Worldwide introduces the advantages of leveraging lean manufacturing techniques and strategic partnerships for sourcing automotive electronic components.