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June 16, 2022

When Will the Shortage Market End?

Did you know semiconductors are the world’s fourth most-traded product, trailing only crude oil, motor vehicle parts and refined oil. As semiconductor demand soars and the most significant shortage of our lifetime unfolds, the biggest question in boardrooms worldwide is when will this end?

Industry News
March 7, 2022

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

The circumstances of an economic collapse have been building as the economy’s outlook remains uncertain. In 2020 overall demand plummet as the Covid-19 pandemic kept everyone in hibernation. Many businesses had mass-layoffs, and others were forced to close.

Industry News
April 2, 2021

Why Does 2021 Have CEOs Concerned?

The pandemic has challenged every known business process in our industry and has issued a universal challenge to supply chains globally: evolve or suffer the consequences.

Industry News
October 16, 2019

EPSNews 2019 Top Global Distributors Report

EPSNews recognizes NewPower Worldwide as a global leader in 2018 with a #1 ranking by sales growth in this year’s EPSNews 2019 Top Global Distributors Report.