Quality is our Obsession

NewPower Worldwide has decades of experience and audited processes that ensures product authenticity and functionality. We utilize quality certified warehouses to validate every part sold. Our processes make us a global leader in preventing counterfeits and ensure the parts meet form, fit and function.

Quality Starts With Your Source

Supplier Selection and Management

Our Real-Time Supplier Management System tracks key indicators regarding supplier’s performance and reliability. This an integral tool for our sales, purchasing and quality teams. Example of areas measured:

  • Order Accuracy
  • Product Conformance
  • Returns per Order
  • Order History
  • Delivery

Sourcing Standards

Sourcing is about knowledge and expertise. NewPower Worldwide knows where the product is before you need it! Our commodity specific purchasing structure creates confidence and value for our customers and suppliers. Our team has spent decades developing quality based relationships around the world.

Product Inspections

NewPower Worldwide physically receives and inspects every product we purchase and sell. A stringent documented screening and inspection process is maintained. All data is stored electronically in our propriety system and accessible to every department with a simple click. The inspection process is documented and regularly reviewed both internally and externally. These processes are based on industry standards and enhanced by years of accumulating knowledge. Combining state of the art equipment and the most talented, experienced and educated quality engineers in the industry gives customers the assurances they need in a dynamic environment.

Authenticity and Conformance

At NewPower Worldwide we certify all products shipped to our customers for form, fit and function. Our PEOPLE, PROCESS and CULTURE all share the same values. There is no aspect that is not built on quality from the ground up. We are in the service business and QUALITY is embedded in our DNA!

Product Handling and Logistics

Once product is received at NewPower Worldwide the commitment to excellence does not end. Our state of the art warehouse and logistics centers are secure, climate controlled and insured. Processes and methods for packing and shipping product are documented and based on global industry standards. Our logistics team is skilled in shipping product all around the world, on time, in the most economical manner.

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