Nvidia Tesla GPUs

Nvidia Tesla GPUs Surplus and Excess Material

Nvidia continue to dominate the GPU marketplace. The demand for Nvidia GPU’s across all segments has remained constant. Nvidia is continually evolving and bring the latest and greatest GPU’s to market.  The NewPower sales and purchasing teams work closely with OEM’s and end users to help manage their supply needs. From shortages to cost savings NewPower Worldwide is actively sourcing and selling all types of Nvidia GPU’s to its global customer base.

Nvidia Tesla GPUs

All the product we sell is physically inspected and validated inside a NewPower facility.  All data points are collected, validated, stored and secured.  Ensuring our customers get exactly what they ordered.
NewPower is currently working to sell lot of Tesla GPUs.  Nvidia K80 GPU, Nvidia M60 GPU, Nvidia M40 GPU, Nvidia M10, Nvidia P100, Nvidia P40.  Along with many GeForce GTX models.

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