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December 1, 2020

Cirrus Logic Seeing Extended Lead Times

As customers struggle to get a hold of AKM material, their engineers are busy looking for replacement products. Many customers have been able to qualify other manufacturers, causing supply to dry up on many Texas Instruments, Analog Device, and Cirrus Logic products. Cirrus Logic is in heaviest demand due to their products not needing additional crystal oscillators, which are extremely short.  

Walsin Factory Struck by COVID-19

The Taiwan-based manufacturer has announced a temporary shutdown at its Malaysia factory. The factory specializes in automotive-grade chip resistors and high-end power management devices. Walsin expects that its other factories can pick up the slack, but as always, these disruptions cause short-term supply gaps at a minimum.  

Realtek Struggling to Keep Up With Demand

Realtek has been fighting an uphill battle to keep up with customer needs. Most of their controllers have been short for the second half of 2020. The problem grew in September when US sanctions were placed on Huawei. At that point, Huawei scrambled to buy as much product as possible before the September 15th deadline. From that point on, lead times have been steadily increasing, and the price for available stock in the market is trading at hefty premiums. Continued demand increases for 5G is also creating problems. The current expectation is that the situation will not be resolved until Q221.

Intel Is Still Trying To Recover on Low-End Mobile Processor Demand

Intel has succeeded in moving capacity to meet much of the laptop demand in the market. However, one area still in constraint is the lower-end Gemini Lake processors, which are for Chromebook and extremely low-end devices. It makes sense as they want to recover where the highest margin can be made and then focus on the lower-end. Current booking lead times are not confirmed, and estimates are well into Q121 for expected deliveries.

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