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January 12, 2021

Rising Memory Pricing to Start 2021

After a very quiet 2020, DRAM pricing is increasing due to a lot of uncertainty. The Micron power outage, capacity issues, and a focus on mobile technology are among the catalysts. Samsung has released its PC pricing, and it is up 10%, with open market pricing even higher. Server memory pricing has yet to be released, but the expectations are similar.

Intel Is Still Behind on Mobile CPU Supply 

The word from many customers and distributors is that Intel is slow on releasing allocation to start 2021. Specifically, with its Comet Lake family. Expectations are that a majority of the allocations will not be released until mid-February. Open market pricing is continuing to rise as the supply shrinks.

Capacitor Demand Is on the Rise

Capacitors with a capacitance of 105 and higher are increasing in price. Demand is sky-rocketing as production in the electronics space, in general, is expanding and recovering on all fronts. Lead-times are extending, and prices are rising. Manufacturers like Yageo are feeling the squeeze the most as they do not produce their own “high-capacitance” products and buy them from other manufacturers to relabel. Because of this, they are reliant on external supply and forced to raise pricing accordingly.

Wafer Supply Shortage Causing Market Commotion

Wafer supply continues to have a major effect on the electronics market. Global foundries are reporting constraints, and lead times and prices are increasing. Aside from the obvious supply ramifications at the manufacturers, there are also other problems in the distributor network. Due to the tightness, most major distributors need approval directly from the manufacturers to release any stock they do have. This is making the product even more scarce in the open market, where customers go for relief when short.

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