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January 26, 2021

Samsung Demanding a Significant Premium in the Server DIMM Market

After waiting almost three weeks into 2021, Samsung finally released its RDIMM pricing, and it was roughly a 4-5% increase, which was half as much as expected. However, the lack of product is forcing open market pricing to be much higher, with Samsung trading 7-8% above Micron and Hynix and double digits above listed direct.

More Price Increases in the Semiconductor Space 

Xilinx is the most recent manufacturer to raise prices due to raw material shortages. A recent announcement was released regarding a 25% increase on a variety of product lines, including Spartan-6, Virtex-6, Kintex-7, and Virtex-7, most notably. There is a bit of time for customers to buy product as the increase won’t kick off until April 2021.

Intel Is Set To Release Its 11th Gen Desktop Processor Family

The potential release is scheduled for the end of Q1 for the next generation – code name: Rocket Lake. Intel is hoping for a smooth transition as they are a “pin-to-pin” replacement for the 10th Gen, which allows customers not to have to re-engineer the entire platform. The official list of processor numbers has not yet been released, but we expect to see it soon.

Panjit Semiconductor Is Feeling Significant Effects From the Wafer Shortage

The category most impacted by the Taiwanese manufacturer is MOSFETs. Panjit recently announced the shortage is so severe that their new lead times for most MOSFET lines are close to a year and a half, with delivery being quoted for May 2022. Most other MOSFET manufacturers such as STMicro, Infineon, ON Semi are all reporting issues as well.

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