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October 20, 2020

Older Technology NAND Causing Problems for Samsung SSDs

Distributors globally are predicting supply issues for some SSD families at Samsung. PM1643/PM1733/PM1735 are expected to be affected. These SSD families all use older NAND technology that is much more scarce for Samsung. NAND supply, coupled with customers pulling in due to deflated pricing, means that most available inventory is being consumed. Recovery is not expected until Q1 CY21.

Panasonic Having Capacity Issues With Resistors

Specific problems are surrounding thick film & low resistance types. Currently, Panasonic only has one plant to produce these resistors (part number prefix – ERJ) for all global demand. Reports are the plant is working at full capacity but cannot keep up with current demand. Any further upsides will add to the problem, but even if everything stays status quo, there will not be any recovery until 2021.

New Intel Xeons Could Drive Up the Memory Market

Intel’s latest Xeon families, high-end Cooper Lake & Ice Lake, are expected to help drive memory activity. The processors will combine with 3200mhz DIMMs to limit the options that customers have and should spark demand. Currently, 3200mhz DIMMs are readily available in the market but expecting a tightening to come toward the end of Q1 FY21.

Die Changes Currently Creating Some Activity in the DRAM Space

As of 9/30/20, Samsung recently made B-die EOL and is expected to slow production on C-die as they move customers along to D. We see activity in the open market due to low pricing. There is low risk to buy now and hold to avoid upcoming supply issues. There still seems to be plenty of stock available, but we could see some tightening if excessive buying continues, especially if they announce an official C-die EOL date.

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