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February 9, 2021

MLCC Market Continues To Tighten

The MLCC market continues to tighten as demand from the automotive industry and smartphones drive the constraint. The case sizes that are the most affected are 0402 and smaller. An increase in demand, as well as issues with raw materials, are contributing to manufacturers falling behind. Depending on the manufacturer, we have seen lead times as long as 20-25 weeks.

Rising Server Memory Module Pricing Amid Short Supply

Server memory module pricing continues to rise amid short supply. The beginning of 2021 brought along some tightness for DRAM. Server module pricing specifically has been increasing weekly. Last week we saw another 5% jump, which is roughly 15-20% since December 2020. Additional increases are expected through Q221.

AMD Struggling With EPYC Processor Demand

AMD is having trouble keeping up with demand for EPYC processors. These chips, code name: Rome, have been trending toward shortage since Q320, when the shortage of substrate became a more concrete reality. Q121 started with very little product available in any of the channels. Expectations now are that there won’t be any substantial deliveries until March.

Wafer Shortage Causing Production Issues for ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is having issues with the production of ex-Fairchild Semiconductor products. Back in 2016, ON Semi acquired Fairchild and their product lines. Currently, with the widespread wafer shortage, they are having difficulty keeping up with the demand on those specific lines. The prefixes for the affected series are FAN, MOC, FS, FL & KA. Lead times are now out to 22 weeks with no sign of recovery.

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