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March 23, 2021

Renesas is Dealing With the Aftermath of a Factory Fire

The production facility affected in Naka, Japan, is mainly responsible for the production of chips used in the automotive sector. The full impact is not yet realized but the series affected are RF5 and RF7 microcontrollers.

Continued AMD Supply Issues on Server Processors

AMD recently announced the release of their Milan series on March 15th. The predecessor, Rome, which is currently mainstream, is highly constrained in the market, with pricing increasing weekly. Expectations are that it will be a challenging transition with both series being difficult to secure in the market.

Micron Lead Times Continue to Extend

The DRAM and NAND markets continue to be a concern as demand increases, and supply cannot keep up. Micron is the latest to announce lead time extensions. DRAM is now being quoted at a minimum of 16 weeks, and NAND has extended to 24-28 weeks. 

Texas Instruments Power Management Devices Continued To Tighten

TI has chosen to focus production on chips for automotive applications as demand in that space continues to skyrocket. As a result, other series of TI products will be affected. Power management looks to be the most concerning as lead times have pushed out to 40 weeks, and spot market pricing is 5x standard distribution cost.

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