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April 8, 2021

Intel PC Processors Seeing Constraint in the Market

Transition periods are consistently tumultuous times in the supply chain. Intel switched production capacity over to its new 11th generation desktop family. However, the lack of initial availability has caused a scramble on the 10th generation predecessor. Prices on the 10th generation are up 5-10% in the market.

Results of the Renesas Fire Are Worse Than Expected

Upon further reviewing the damage, the manufacturer determined that the number of damaged machines is 50% higher than initially reported. The automotive market is expected to feel a considerable crunch from these outcomes as Renesas holds 20% of the market share for microcomputers.

AMD Struggling To Keep Up With Demand on Processors and Graphics

The main issue aside from substrate shortages is the competition within TSMC. AMD has the foundry for a majority of its manufacturing. Unfortunately, so does Apple, Nvidia, and Broadcom, to name a few of the more prominent players. All manufacturers are extremely short, so we don’t expect to see relief for 3-6 months.

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