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March 9, 2021

Murata Extends Lead Time on Wireless Modules 

Wafer shortages continue to cause constraints in the supply chain. Murata’s recent announcement provided a long list of silicon-based wireless modules with new lead times extending from 30-64 weeks, depending on the line.

Controller Shortages To Disrupt SSD Supply

Many SSD manufacturers are running into significant bottlenecks in production due to shortages of Silicon Motion controllers. Backlogs in the tens of millions of units have been reported.

Loosening of Intel CPU Supply Is Causing a Run on PC Memory Modules  

For most of 2020, Intel was drastically short on mobile processors. 2021 has brought a much better supply to the market. Now that builders aren’t concerned with Intel supply, they are bringing the balance of components to get their systems to market. As a result, laptop modules (SODIMMs) are now extremely active and constrained in the market, and pricing is on the rise.

Graphic Chip Pricing Is Rising Quickly

With uses ranging from graphics cards and gaming consoles to HPC systems, GDDR6 has picked up in demand starting at the end of 2020 and into this year. Q421 saw a 30% increase, and since February 2021, we have seen it jump another 40% with no sign of slowing down.

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